Interview with Moe Keale and Kumu Hula Leialoha Lim Amina 6/23/94 camera 1 tape 1

Camera 1 interview with musician Moe Keale and Kumu Hula Leialoha Lim Amina recorded on June 23, 1994 and conducted by Martha Noyes for Legacy of Light. Keale recalls meeting Pilahi Paki for the first time, his impressions of her, and the aloha that she passed to her students. Amina shares the impact that Paki has in her life, the Hawaiian knowledge that she learned from Paki, and the meaning of the Hawaiian names that Paki gifted her. Keale and Amina discuss the responsibility and purpose of aloha, and they talk about Paki's spiritual endowment from Tutu Naluahine Kaʻopua.

Languages: English


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