Legacy of Light : Land and Spirit

Broadcast version of Legacy of Light: Land and Spirit produced and directed by Martha Noyes and Elizabeth Lindsey and telecast on July 27, 1994 on KITV Channel 4. This episode profiles the life and legacy of Hawaiian entertainer and activist George Jarrett Helm, Jr. and Hawaiian philosopher Pilahi Pakī. For the Helm segment, interviewees include: Mae Helm, Gregory Helm, John Keola Lake, Walter Kawaiaeʻa, Kahauanu Lake, Dr. Noa Emmett Aluli, and Adolph Helm. For the Paki segment, interviewees include: Maxine Sousa, Moe Keale, Leialoha Amina, Leighton Kaonohi, and Al Makahinu Barcarse.

Languages: English


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