Legacy of Light : Hawaiian Treasures

Broadcast version of Legacy of Light: Hawaiian Treasures produced and directed by Martha Noyes and Elizabeth Lindsey and telecast on December 13, 1994 on KITV Channel 4. This episode profiles the life and legacy of Hawaiian cowboy Ikua Purdy and Hawaiian songwriter and entertainer Lena Machado. For the Purdy segment, interviews include: granddaughter Ann Hiʻiaka Purdy Ritte, son Dan Purdy, and daughter Cecilia Kaili Purdy Hapakuka. For the Machado segment, interviews include: hānai daughter Piʻolani Motta, her sister Lena Motta, KCCN Program Director Keaumiki Akui, and Bishop Museum archivist DeSoto Brown.

Languages: English


  • Family

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