Hawaiian Electric Company

HELCO Shipman Plant 1958

16mm color silent film of HELCO's (Hilo Electric Light Company) Shipman plant in Hilo filmed in 1958. Footage includes: condenser installation; condenser and LP heater from the west side; east side of the building with air ejector venting; circulating water and service water pumps; service water head tank and cooler; the new building installed around the pumps; the back of S4 and S3 fans; the fuel oil test tank with the three fuel oil tanks in the background; turbine control board and S4 air ejector; brand new turbine and generator; a man standing in front of S4 boiler operating station taking readings; footage of the front of the burner; air ejector up to the Deaerator then down to the fuel oil heaters and the fan motor.

Languages: English


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