Keith Kalani Akana

Interview with Kupuna Sarah Kapela Kaʻimi Kaupiko, Miloliʻi 1/18/99 tape 1

Interview with Kupuna Sarah Kapela Kaʻimi Kaupiko conducted by Kalani Akana in Miloliʻi on January 18, 1999. Topics include Kupuna Kaupiko's family and childhood; differences between the past and now; Pōhakuloa; Miloliʻi in the past; the pōhaku piko of the area; her husband; fishing techniques of Miloliʻi; donkeys; fishing customs; fishing with her father; getting fresh water; how her grandchildren are spoiled by having many types of food; living in the uplands. Includes appearances and comments by Kupuna Kaupiko's son, Uncle Eugene "Gino" Kaupiko. Joan Lander, as videographer, and Puhipau as sound recordist.

Languages: Hawaiian


  • Documentary

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