Interview with Pedro E., Jr. Racelis (6/14/1990)

Interview with Pedro E. Racelis, Jr. conducted by Michi Kodama-Nishimoto and Warren Nishimoto on 6/14/1990 in Hālawa, Oʻahu as part of the Hawaiʻi Political History Documentation Project. A veteran of the Philippines army recalls his World War II service, various jobs in Hawaii, and involvement in the Democratic party, particularly at the precinct level. Topics include: his family's arrival to Hawaii in 1921 and his father's work as a Filipino Congregational minister to Filipino immigrants; his service during WWII in the Philippine army under the U.S. Armed Forces in the Far East (USAFFE); experiences as a prisoner of war and the Bataan Death March; joining the guerilla forces and the Fil-American Irregulars in the Philippines countryside; working as a field foreman at Onomea Sugar Company during the 1946 strike; experience as an amateur boxer; work as a recreation specialist for Matson Navigation Hotel Division and then for the state; campaigning for Spark Matsunaga; and an explanation of Democratic precinct politics and operations. Also included are photographs of Pedro Racelis from WWII; on his way to Mid-Pac as a boarding student; as a plantation luna; his parents; and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel staff. Interview spans 5 videotapes. Transcript is available

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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