Interview with James Ward Russell, Jr. (10/10/1989)

Interview with James Ward Russell, Jr. conducted by Larry Meacham and Daniel W. Tuttle, Jr. on 10/10/1989 in the Russell residence in Honolulu, Oʻahu as part of the Hawaiʻi Political History Documentation Project. A Republican legislator details the events that led to the coalition of house Republicans and Democrats in the 1959 session. Other topics include: the Republican recruitment of AJAs; government reorganization; land reform bill; the 1954 election and the Democratic Party coming into power; the statehood committee that testified to Congress; and his opinions on various politicians' attitudes and roles in the coalition including Charles Kauhane, Tom Gill, and Vince Esposito. Interview spans 6 videotapes. Transcript is available

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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