Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae

Interview with Eddie and Myrna Kamae at the Lāhainā Courthouse 8/24/1999 tape 2

Continued from title 26701, interview with Eddie and Myrna Kamae recorded at the Lāhainā Courthouse on August 24, 1999 for the documentary "Lahaina: Waves of Change." Eddie Kamae talks about his teacher sending him to Waipiʻo Valley on Hawaiʻi island to find Sam Liʻa Kalainaina, who taught Kamae one of the most important things about Hawaiian music, "play it sweet and simple, and love what you're doing." The Kamaes also share why they decided to do a film about Lāhainā. Myrna Kamae shares that what draws her to Lāhainā is the kindness of the people of Lāhainā and hopes this will continue on even with the changes which will happen.

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