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Interview with Shigeto "Shigesh" Wakida and Joe Badua 11/30/1999

Continued from title 27240, interview with Shigeto "Shigesh" Wakida and Joe Badua separately recorded in Lāhainā on November 30, 1999 for the documentary "Lahaina: Waves of Change." In the interview, Wakida shares that until his last day he will continue going to the tennis courts in Lāhainā to help develop the children's tennis skills. He also explains his number one push for the children is school, then tennis. Also, to be disciplined and to be humble. Badua is interviewed at the Lāhainā tennis courts about his teacher Wakida. Badua, who started learning tennis from Wakida at age 6, shares his experiences as a student of Wakida; how he got a full-ride scholarship to Seattle University in tennis; and his gratitude towards Wakida for keeping him off the streets.

Languages: English


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