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Lāhaināluna kūpuna at Lāhaināluna High School in Lāhainā 12/8/2005 tape 6

Continued from title 27535, interview with Lāhaināluna High School kūpuna in Lāhainā outside the school on December 8, 2005 recorded for the documentary "Lahaina: Waves of Change." Kūpuna who were students, faculty, and staff at Lāhaināluna High School share memories from their high school days from 1938 to 1977; several of them were part of the boarding department at Lāhaināluna and describe boarding life. Lāhaināluna High School kūpuna include Henry Ariyoshi, George Fujiwara, Lorraine Gomes, Fred Higuchi, Leslie Hiraga, Robert Kawaguchi, Ted Kawamura, Eark Kukahiko, Jean Miyahira, and Violet Nishijima.

Languages: English


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