Naomi Sodetani

Protest against H-3 at Bishop Museum 9/6/1992 tape 1

Protest against Interstate H-3 at Bishop Museum recorded on September 6, 1992. Footage contains people at the gates of Bishop Museum protesting the H-3 in order to protect sacred sites in Hālawa Valley and interviews at the protest with archaeologist Barry Nakamura and Clara Matthews [Aunty Sweet], heir to Kekūanāoʻo. In the interview Nakamura talks about his opinion on an OHA report that states there is no Hale o Papa and a luakini heiau in Hālawa Valley; Nakamura's findings that say the heiau are in the valley; and the attempt to discredit people who are critical of the H-3. Aunty Sweet talks about her right to worship at the sites in the path of the H-3; how the valley was lands of Kekūanāoʻo from whom she is descended; a missing link in title between Kekūanāoʻo and Bishop Museum; the documents that prove her connection and rights to be in Hālawa Valley.

Languages: English


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