Rice & Roses #1214 : Solidarity Day: Hawaii Style

Solidarity day in Hawaiʻi brought out workers from schools, hotels, social services, and unions to protest President Reagan's budget cuts. The increase in expenditure for military weapons resulted in budget cuts to services for children, the elderly, and the working class. Guest speakers and Hawaiʻi citizens protest the cuts and express concerns for their impact on Social Security, human services programs, public education, and the community at large. Recorded on November 14, 1981. Includes interviews with Patsy Mink, Darold Braida, Pearl Faufata, Max Roffman, Eddie Lapa, Jean McCann, Ramona Hussey, Juan Acain, Reverend Frank Chong, Geri Soneda, Gary Gill, Anne Virnig, Allen Wang, Odetta Fujimori, Steve Montgomery, Rt. Rev. E. L. Browning, Fran Hill, Mabel DeCambra, Joyce Thompson, and Thomas Trask.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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