Rice & Roses #1220 : Why Rice and Roses

Recorded in 1982 and hosted by Chris Conybeare, interviews with guests Ah Quon McElrath and Max Roffman look into the history of the 1912 Lawrence, Massachusetts textile strike and the similarities to the 1946 and 1949 labor strikes in Hawaiʻi. Similarities include how the unions represented largely immigrant workers from multiethnic and multilingual backgrounds that were brought together to fight for better pay, better working hours, and better working conditions. Includes photo documentary called "Lawrence 1912: The Bread and Roses Strike" produced by District 1199 Cultural Center and narrated by Ruby Dee and includes mentions of Eugene V. Debs, Samuel Gompers, Big Bill Haywood, Mary Harris "Mother" Jones, Arturo Giovannitti, and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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