Rice & Roses #1236 : Sugar Shutdown

Sugar Shutdown looks at struggling sugar plantations in Hawaiʻi and how this once money-making product has now failed to compete internationally. Due to loss of money and bad terrain for planting, the Puna Sugar Plantation on the Big Island (Hawaiʻi Island) is one of the plantations to shut down. This program examines the impact the closure will have on the people in the community and focuses on the views of the workers, their feelings, and their future after the plantation is gone. Recorded on September 9, 1982, and aired on October 4, 1982. Includes Jerry T. Fellows, Raymond McPherson, Nestor Tejada, Matsuo "Fish" Yanaga, Teofila Namnama, Thomas Trask, Kenji "Sleepy" Omuro, Noburo "Pinhead" Shimabuku, Wataru Kawamoto, Jack Suwa, Pablo Macadangdang, Froxy Simeon, Santiago Gose, Howard E. Wagoner, Abel Amaral, Francis Pacheco, Brian Ross, and Patrick Flatley.

Languages: English


  • Ethnic (Nonfiction)

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