Rice & Roses #1317 : People Helping People

Chris Conybeare takes a look at Hyatt Regency Maui's program to employ persons with intellectual disabilities. In conjunction with the Maui division of The Arc, the hotel provides one-on-one training in an actual work setting versus a simulated environment. Clients in the program have the opportunity to become full time employees of the hotel and members of the ILWU. The program believes that "all people should be given the opportunity to be as independent as possible." The program has seen expansion through the Hyatt hotel chain. Includes soundbites and interviews with Joyce Horikawa, Melinda Halford, Mary Tester, Kai Pelayo, Roger Kepoo, Maria Hinton, Carolyn Kam, Karen Yamada, Alex Ross, Vincent Kratzman, Nancy Driscoll, Latricia Camara, Lynn Hayashi, John Arisumi, Gordon Hentschel, Reverend Charles Burger, and Melinda Harder.

Languages: English


  • Music video

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