Rice & Roses #1414 : HGEA

This panel, moderated by Chris Conybeare, looks at the fifty-year history of the Hawaiʻi Government Employees Association (HGEA) and its role in the politics of Hawaiʻi, its stance on statehood, and the public perception of the union. Other topics include: ties with other unions, women in public service roles, and comparable worth. Includes question and answer portion with members of the audience. Labor related photographs are shared during the discussion. Aired on September 24, 1984. Panelists include: Henery N. Duvauchelle, Professor Abraham Piʻanaiʻa, Dr. Donald Johnson, Richard Tam, Geri Marullo, Rochelle Lee Gregson, Dr. Mitsuo Aoki, Russell K. Okata, Henry Epstein, David K. Trask, and Minoru Shinoda.

Languages: English

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