Rice & Roses #1322 : Labor Magazine with LIPA and Rutledge

In August of 1983, the Labor Institute of Public Affairs (LIPA), began to produce a weekly program dedicated to the working people and the labor movement in the United States called America Works. An informational video gives us a look at how the LIPA is attempting to utilize cable television in order to deliver its message to the working people of the country. Arthur A. Rutledge is interviewed about the Unity House Scholarship and shares his views on what the State of Hawaiʻi can do to entice more film production companies to film here. Scholarship recipients include Adrienne Sanders, Presentacion Aguirre, Lisa J. Wheeler, Bert Warashina, Dolwin Haunani Keanu, and Mark David Broome. This episode also gives a sneak peek look at the Puʻunene plantation reunion. Aired on October 3, 1983.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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