Rice & Roses #1504 : Drugs and Alcohol at Work

Drug and alcohol problems are a concern facing every employer and employee. Testing for those substances, confidentiality, the collection of specimens, and how those specimens are handled have been under scrutiny. This episode examines an employee's privacy rights under the Fourth Amendment, how drug and alcohol testing is performed, and alternate ways employers can work to assist those employees who might need to be referred to an employee assistance program. Includes interviews with Christopher Ferrara, Erwin Paschoal, Vanessa Chong, Daniel Foley, Russell Okata, Casey Fujimoto, Eusebio Lapenia Jr., Tommy Trask, A. Stephen Woo Jr. MD, Karen Yanagisako, Geri Marullo, Rhoda Feinberg PhD, Russell Hicks MD, and Ron Barozzi PhD. Aired on July 22, 1986.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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