Juniroa Productions

1989 Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife in Washington D.C. tape 13

The 1989 Festival of American Folklife held between June 23-27 and June 30-July 4. Footage includes Okinawan music and dance performances from Nakasone Seifu Kai, an Okinawan classical music ensemble led by Seisho "Harry" Nakasone who perpetuates Okinawan traditions in Hawaiʻi, Nakasone plays sanshin accompanied by the koto; stories from the narrative stage K. Awa grocery shared by sisters Nalani Kanakaʻole and Pualani Kanakaʻole Kanahele about the classical hula style of Halau o Kekuhi and their mother Edith Kanakaʻole; cooking demonstrations from Manuel Correia, as he prepares food and talks about the process with fornos oven and various speakers give live cooking demonstrations and talk about ovens and food traditions while preparing Portuguese roast chicken and stuffing; and Halla Pai Huhm Korean dance studio which includes children performing talchum Korean mask dance and another dance with janggu drums.

Languages: English

This has been a small clip of the full video available. For more information about this title and the materials associated with it, please contact the archive.