Mitsuo Aoki

Ulu Mendiola, session 10 9/16/1997

Reverend Doctor Mits Aoki session with Ulu Mendiola recorded on 9/16/1997 for the documentary "Living Your Dying." Topics include: Mendiola feeling lonesome because she has lost people in her community; how her pain reflects the care she feels for others; how her prayers include listening to God and not just asking; how she feels at peace with herself which helps as she cares for her brother; feeling a connection with other patients which increases her sense of hope; a sense of helplessness because she cannot control the timing of her death; cancer is destructive but it also provides opportunity for learning about herself; relying on love, prayers, and hula to balance and work through her hurt; the power of names; the importance of rituals; and the festive nature of Hawaiian funerals. Rev. Dr. Aoki explains the various exercises he will introduce to Mendiola as part of her sessions including breathing, centering and energy level exercises. Mendiola shows Rev. Dr. Aoki a haku lei she received and reads a poem she wrote in thanks for the lei. Session spans 2 videotapes.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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