Mitsuo Aoki

Ulu Mendiola, session 11 9/23/1997 and session 12 10/7/1997 part 1

Reverend Doctor Mits Aoki session with Ulu Mendiola recorded on 9/23/1997 for the documentary "Living Your Dying." Topics include: updates on Mendiola's health and medical treatment; aromatherapy for relaxation and pain relief; Robert Aitken and zazen meditation; using centering exercises to coordinate mind, body and spirit; and using meditation to quiet the mind and gain understanding and insights of the self. Rev. Dr. Aoki demonstrates and teaches a centering exercise which involves abdominal breathing, audible exhalation and mind focus. Aoki then demonstrates and teaches a meditation technique which focuses the mind on breathing. Session spans 3 videotapes. Session 12 continues on title 29841.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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