Mitsuo Aoki

Ulu Mendiola, session 2 6/9/1997

Reverend Doctor Mits Aoki session with Ulu Mendiola recorded on 6/9/1997 for the documentary "Living Your Dying." Topics include: paradigm, a conceptual way of understanding what is real; the inter-relationships between all things; the mind / body connection; how a person's spiritual dimension can affect the physical body; how hula is an expression of the spiritual; how spirituality leads to self-transcendence and self-transformation; and using prayer as part of her healing process. Rev. Dr. Aoki leads Mendiola in a meditation and imagery exercise in which she expresses her gratitude and love. Footage ends with Mendiola talking with a friend at her dining table. Session spans 2 videotapes.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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