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Interview with Norman Nakamoto and Ramon Hoe Makekau 9/18/1993

Interviews with Norman Nakamoto and Ramon Hoe Makekau separately recorded on September 18, 1993 for the documentary "Luther Kahekili Makekau: A One Kine Hawaiian Man." In the first interview Norman Nakamoto, a nephew of Luther Makekau and also the president of the ʻOhana Makekau association and planner of the family reunion, discusses the important reasons for holding their family reunion in order to bring the family together to know who they are and stories about Luther Makekau. In the interview with Ramon Hoe Makekau, son of Luther Makekau, Makekau says his father was a good, strong, hard-working and ferocious man. Makekau shares he lived with his father for 12 years and they were hard times but he grew to forgive and love his father. Lessons of survival which were left to him by his father were how to be independent, grow food from the land, fish and dive. Luther Makekau's attitude about life is "you take life as it is and make something of it. You don't argue about it."

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