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Interview with Henry Bianchini at Keaʻau 3/22/1992 tape 1

Interview with Henry Bianchini recorded at Keaʻau on March 22, 1992 for the documentary "Luther Kahekili Makekau: A One Kine Hawaiian Man." Bianchini talks about his journey to Hawaiʻi from San Diego on a sailboat he built and meeting an 82-year-old healthy Hawaiian man, William Kamauʻu who took Bianchini and his family in and taught them how to live in the old Hawaiian way. Bianchini also tells stories of Luther Makekau including how he met Makekau the first time driving down the road with Kamauʻu and seeing Makekau walking his horse down the road which was the start of the Bianchini family relationship with Luther Makekau. Bianchini describes Makekau as fearless, strong, with a Hawaiian way about him that you don't see in young people these days.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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