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Interview with Lilia Wahinemaikaʻi Hale [Mama Hale] 10/7/96

Interview with Lilia Wahinemaikaʻi Hale [Mama Hale] recorded in Waimānalo on October 7, 1996 for the documentary "Keepers of the Flame: The Cultural Legacy of Three Hawaiian Women." Hale shares, in Hawaiian and English, stories of Mary Kawena Pukui, Edith Kanakaʻole, and ʻIolani Luahine including the blessing of Pukui and all the resources in mele (song), oli (chant), and moʻolelo (stories) she has left for future generations; her first meeting with Kanakaʻole; and the artistic hula (dance) of Luahine.

Languages: English, Hawaiian


  • Documentary

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