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Nā Mele a me Nā Moʻolelo o Maui: Ka Moʻolelo o Ka Makani Kāʻili Aloha

Kīʻope Raymond discusses the song "Ka Makani Kāʻili Aloha with Kawika Kaʻalakea and Annie Smith, mānaleo (elders whose first language is Hawaiian), in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian Language). A production of Maui Community College Media Center. "Dedicated to the mother of Tandy Mackenzie, the Hawaiian-Scot tenor, this mele tells the story of a woman who deserts her husband. Heartbroken, he consults a kahuna who advises him to cast a love potion into the waters of a Maui beach, a place they often frequented. The wife returns."- From

Languages: Hawaiian


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