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Mark Hoʻomalu Hoʻike 98: Hawaiʻi Cradled in Myth

Under the direction of Kumu Hula Mark Kealiʻi Hoʻomala and Charles Kaʻipu, the Ladies of Ka Ua Lei Maʻohu and the Men of Ka Moani Haliʻala o Puna perform at Hoʻike 1998. Some of the hula and mele performed reference the great deeds of Maui, the battle of Kūkaualahi, and Pele. Performances include Keaomelemele (The Golden Cloud), Nā Hana Nui Ā Māui (The Great Deeds of Maui), Ke Kaua Ā Kūkauakahi (The Battle of Kūkauakahi), Ke Nōʻā Ahi La o Pele / Ka Huakaʻi Pele (The Unquenchable Flames of Pele / The Pele Migration), He Mele No ʻO Kaʻūhinelele ( A Song for the Cricket), and Ke Haʻa La Puna I Ka Makani / Ke Haʻa La Puna I Ke Ahi ʻEnaʻena (Puna is A Dance in the Wind / Puna Away in Burning Flames). Recorded on March 13, 1998.

Languages: English


  • Music
  • Variety

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