Juniroa Productions

Living the Legacy Northwestern Hawaiian Fisheries; Fire in the Womb; and PREL advertisements

The tape includes three documentaries and one commercial. First is the documentary "Living the Legacy Northwestern Hawaiian Fisheries." This program explores the history of the region and what steps are being taken to protect the area and preserve its resources. Includes interviews with Marion Kelly, Buzzy Agard, Leo Ohai, Bill Strickland, Jim Cook, Bobby Gomes, and Jerry Ray. Recorded on December 11, 2000. Next is "Fire In the Womb" which became "The Land Has Eyes" (Hereniko, 2004). Directed by Rotuma native, Vilsoni Hereniko, this was the first feature film to be made in Rotuma. Recorded in 2001. Last is a commercial for the Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL) and a short documentary on the areas in the Pacific that PREL covers, what their mission is, and how they go about achieving their goals. Recorded in 2002.

Languages: English

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