Mitsuo Aoki

Ulu Mendiola, session 3 6/23/1997

Reverend Doctor Mits Aoki session with Ulu Mendiola recorded on 6/23/1997 for the documentary "Living Your Dying." Topics include: Mendiola's experiences with and physical reaction to chemotherapy; how she prepares herself mentally for treatment by having a sense of balance; and Rev. Dr. Aoki's holistic approach of focusing on body, feelings, mental, and spiritual to help Mendiola prepare for chemotherapy. Rev. Dr. Aoki guides Mendiola in breathing, imagery, and relaxation exercises. After the exercise, the two discuss the spiritual journey of healing; Hawaiian cultural acceptance of death and dying; and various fears including fear of what happens after death, fear of the process of dying, and fear of ceasing to be. Session spans 2 videotapes.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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