Mitsuo Aoki

Mike Thomson, session 12 12/22/1997

Reverend Doctor Mits Aoki session with Mike Thomson and his mother Helen Thomson recorded on 12/22/1997 for the documentary "Living Your Dying." Topics include: how Helen Thomson's presence has improved Thomson's outlook and attitude; the energy fields that surround each person and how they impact health; updates on Thomson's treatment; acceptance of God's role in his life and being more in touch with his faith since his illness; making future plans even with his terminal illness; Helen Thomson's professional background in nursing and her feelings about her son's illness; dealing with family adversity and being stronger for it; and support systems for the caregivers of terminal patients. Footage ends with Thomson driving his Porsche with Helen Thomson in the passenger seat. Session spans 2 videotapes.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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