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Interview with Puakea Nogelmeier 12/7/2001 tape 3

Interview with Puakea Nogelmeier, former student of Maʻiki Aiu Lake, recorded on December 7, 2001 for Biography Hawaiʻi: Maiki Aiu Lake. Topics include Aiu Lake's hula teachers, the meaning of kaona (hidden meaning), the use of the pahu and the kilu as percussive instruments in hula, Aiu Lake's Hawaiian language proficiency, her teaching methods and some of the criticisms they engendered, how Nogelmeier was given his name by Aiu Lake, the controversy surrounding Aiu Lake's use of the term "hālau" instead of "studio," the existence and state of Hawaiian cultural learning in the 1950s, Aiu Lake's role in fostering hula kahiko, her influence in bringing men back into hula, the impetus behind her starting her Papa Lehua class and the criticisms of it, and the social and cultural elements that led to the Hawaiian Renaissance.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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