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Interview with Kalena Silva 11/16/2001 tape 3

Interview with Kalena Silva, former student of Maʻiki Aiu Lake, recorded on November 16, 2001 for Biography Hawaiʻi: Maiki Aiu Lake. Topics include the significance and history behind the eating of various parts of a pig during a hula ʻūniki ceremony, the meaning of kaona (hidden meaning) in the context of Hawaiian chant, the importance of the relationship between a hula dancer and his/her understanding of the kaona of a mele, the general state of understanding Hawaiian poetry among kumu hula today, the significance of the pahu drum and how it is used in hula and chant, Aiu Lake's role in bringing men back into hula, and hula teaching methods in pre-contact Hawaiʻi and the teaching changes Aiu Lake brought to hula.

Languages: English


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