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Interview with Kalena Silva 11/16/2001 tape 4

Interview with Kalena Silva, former student of Maʻiki Aiu Lake, recorded on Novermber 16, 2001 for Biography Hawaiʻi: Maiki Aiu Lake. Topics include the significance of the Hawaiian language to Aiu Lake and her teaching, Aiu Lake's influence on the course of Silva's life and career, Aiu Lake's general openness to people and to teaching a wide demographic of students, the elements that led to the Hawaiian Renaissance in the late 1960s, how cultural authority is vested in Hawaiian society and Aiu Lake's own sense of cultural vestment, the importance of holding the famous 1970s Papa Lehua hula class to Aiu Lake, why traditions change and Silva's memories of the Papa Lehua class.


Languages: English


  • Biographical (Nonfiction)

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