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Interview with Gordean Bailey 6/6/2002 tape 1

Interview with Gordean Bailey, former student of Maʻiki Aiu Lake, recorded on June 6, 2002 for Biography Hawaiʻi: Maiki Aiu Lake. Topics include Bailey's self-introduction and how she first started dancing hula, the popularity level of hula in Hawaiʻi among children in the early 1950s, how she met Aunty Maʻiki, Aiu Lake's teaching method, Aiu Lake's expectations of her dancers, Bailey's mother's childhood connection with Aiu Lake, the depth of Aiu Lake's commitment to hula, her role in the rebirth of hula and the uniqueness of Aiu Lake's studio in the early 1950s. After 00:25 of test pattern, there is roughly 00:05 of footage of Maui flora before interview starts.


Languages: English


  • Documentary

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