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Interview with Mark Bernstein 3/15/2002 tape 2

Interview with Mark Bernstein, former law partner of Harriet Bouslog, recorded on March 15, 2002 for Biography Hawaiʻi: Harriet Bouslog. Topics include: Bouslog's historical contributions to labor law in Hawaiʻi, the impact of the Majors-Palakiko case on her career, the backlash that Bernstein received for becoming her law partner, the nature and importance of Bouslog's marital relationship with Steve Sawyer, the significance of the U.S. Supreme Court's In re Sawyer case to Bouslog's career and legacy, her hobbies, the major auto accidents that negatively impacted her health, the causes leading to her death and how she would want to be remembered.

Languages: English


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