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Interview with Mari Matsuda 8/15/2002 tape 3

Interview with Harriet Bouslog biographer and retired University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa Law Professor Mari Matsuda, recorded on August 15, 2002 for Biography Hawaiʻi: Harriet Bouslog. Topics include: the significance and inner dynamics of the Bouslog-Symonds law firm, the reasons behind the common and curious phenomenon of haole (Caucasian) leadership in the Hawaiʻi labor struggle, civil rights movement and radical intellectual circles, Bouslog's reflections on Hawaiʻi's organized labor movement later in life, the ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union) leadership's philosophy and strategy on race relations within their union, what Bouslog would have considered her major career accomplishments and Matsuda's view on the best way to understand Bouslog as both a person and legal activist.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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