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Interview with Eric Seitz 9/11/2002 tape 1

Interview with Eric Seitz, Honolulu attorney and legal contemporary of Harriet Bouslog, recorded on September 11, 2002 for Biography Hawaiʻi: Harriet Bouslog. Topics include: how Seitz first became familiar with Bouslog; the history, work and influence of the National Lawyers Guild; the work and circumstances that brought Seitz to Hawaiʻi; his initial conversations with the Bouslog-Symonds law firm and the support they provided Seitz in setting up his legal career in Honolulu; the difficulties in practicing civil liberties law in Hawaiʻi; Seitz's views on Bouslog as a civil rights attorney; the personal characteristics needed to be a successful civil rights attorney and how Bouslog embodied them; the contrast between Bouslog and Myer Symonds as attorneys; what made Bouslog such a controversial figure to so many different people and groups in Hawaiʻi; and the importance of the precedent set in the In re Sawyer case.

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