Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae

Keepers of the Flame : The Cultural Legacy of Three Hawaiian Women

Premiered in 2005, this documentary by Eddie & Myrna Kamae tells the story of three extraordinary Hawaiian women who helped revive Hawaiian culture when it was perilously close to being lost. It was a time when the monarchy had been overthrown, the Hawaiian language banned from public schools, and the Hawaiian heartbeat of hula forced underground. Mary Kawena Pukui, ʻIolani Luahine and Edith Kanakaʻole combined commitment to Hawaiian history and traditions with their art and aloha keep the flame illuminated. Each planted seeds of the Hawaiian cultural renaissance. Kawena as a history and language expert, teacher and author. ʻIolani as a chanter, cultural icon and "high priestess of hula." Edith as a songwriter, teacher and founder of the traditional school of hula, Hālau o Kekuhi. The lives of these three great women are described through heartfelt interviews with people who knew and were influenced by them, along with wonderful archival footage collected throughout the years. Includes interviews with Kekuhi Kanahele-Frias, Pualani Kanakaʻole Kanahele, Coline Aiu, Patience "Pat" Namaka Bacon, Kalani Meinecke, Hoakalei Kamauu, Nathan Napoka, Claire Johnson, Teresa Haunani Makuakane, Kaʻupena Wong, Malia Craver, Dottie Thompson, George Naope, Samuel Elbert, Dr. Beatrice "Bea" Krauss, Cecilia Akim, Boone Morrison, Mary Ann "Queenie" Ventura Dowsett, and Kamaki Kanahele. Music by Gaylord Holomalia, Ocean Kaowili, Barry Kimokeo, Eddie Kamae, and Kaʻupena Wong. Also featuring Punahou School: Kumu Hattie Phillips, Demi Coolen, Jade Lum, Ali Santi, Abby Yosaitis; Hoakalei Kamauʻu ʻOhana: Macey Kamauʻu, Kalai Kamauoha, ʻIolani Kamauoha; Chanter: Nathan Napoka; Edith Kanakaʻole ʻOhana; Kaumakaiwa Kanahele and his band; Oli and Pahu Artists: Halau Hula O Maiki, Coline Aiu, Kumu Puakeala Mann, Tazhi Puʻuhonua Tavares, and Abra Kaulana Crisostomo. This documentary won the Best Documentary Audience Award from the Hawaiʻi International Film Festival. To learn more about Eddie Kamae and the music from the documentaries, visit eddiekamaesongbook.org.

Languages: English


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