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Luther Makekau : One Kine Hawaiian Man

Premiered in 1997, this documentary by Eddie & Myrna Kamae gives voice to the untamed spirit of a colorful and controversial Hawaiian man. Known throughout the islands, Luther Makekau was part philosopher and part outlaw, a chanter and a singer, a fighter and a lover, a cattle rustler, a rebel and a poet. Born on Maui in 1890 he lived nearly a hundred years, shaped by a century of turbulent cultural change. Musicians Pekelo Cosma, Eddie Kamae, and Reverend Dennis Kamakahi. Featuring Moanikeʻala Akaka, Mabel Makekau Andrade, Henry Auwae, Winona Beamer, Tomas Belsky, Henry Bianchini, Mary Cabrera, John Hale, Paulette Henderson, Kimo Hoʻopai Jr., Manu Kahaialiʻi, Ruth Kaholoaʻa, Reverend David Kaʻalakea, Robert Keliʻihoʻomalu Sr., Hartwell Makekau, Ramon Hoe Makekau, Kenneth Makuakane, Gail Matsunaga, Kalani Meinecke, Tom Nahiwa, Harry Nihau, The Mamo Street Old-timers, David Paiva, Kawehi Ryder, Claybourne "Braddah Smitty" Smith, Sonny Solomon, Pua Van Dorpe, and Victoria "Cissy" Yuen. This documentary won the Best Documentary Audience Award from the Hawaiʻi International Film Festival. To learn more about Eddie Kamae and the music from the documentaries, visit eddiekamaesongbook.org.

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