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Mele Hawaii : Hymns Became Hawaiian

Mele Hawaii is about the music of Hawaiʻi and its reflection on the island's culture and people. One reflection mirrors the songs of Hawaiʻi derived from the early missionary hymn tunes called hīmeni. From the "Westminster Abbey of the Pacific" Kawaiahaʻo Church we hear the hīmeni. Also shows how some Hawaiian mele (songs) are sung to the tune of religious hymns. Featuring performances by Kawaiahaʻo Church Choir under the direction of Danny Akaka, Hawaii Youth Chorale under the direction of Roy Hallman, and Kaumakapili Church Choir under the direction of Herbert Panoke and Annie Kanahele with hula by Martha Maunakea. Includes the mele: Nani Keliʻi Kiʻekiʻe, Hoʻonani Makua Mau-Doxology, Iesu No Ke Kahuipa, E Ko Mākou Makua i Loko o Ka Lani, Kaleleonalani, Makalapua, Hawaiʻi Aloha, and Aloha ʻOe. Includes a blessing by Reverend Abraham Akaka and interview with Martha Poepoe Hohu. Recorded on April 8, 1974.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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