ENG File #23

This ENG File contains 35 clips of news footage on a variety of topics from April 18, 1979 through April 24, 1979. Includes news stories on: Public response to the invasive Kona Hilton head development and interviews; Wilson bridge demolition for four-lane road to keep up with expanding road traffic from H-2; Public Utilities Commission meeting about barges and marine transport; Firefighters negotiations - legislature decision and interviews; Various firefighters talking about Governor Ariyoshi's decision, firemen's contract and potential strike; Community response to legislature decision on Hale Mohalu; Tatsuno (baseball pitcher) interview about signing as a professional; Samoan demonstration outside movie theater showing Hurricane (1979); the end of the 10th legislative House session 1979, which includes speeches from Representative Kinaʻu Boyd Kamaliʻi and Representative Oliver Lunasco, and House Speaker James Wakatsuki; Interviews with Mickey Yule, the first female firefighter on Barber's Point and Captain Virgil Fernandez; the end of the legislative Senate session, including speeches from Senator Dante Carpenter, Senator Andy Anderson, Senator Wadsworth Yee, Senator Ben Cayetano, and Senate President Richard "Dickie" S.H Wong; Local Hawaiʻi library struggles to keep up with backlog of items, interviews with librarians about high volume of materials and not enough staff; Shots of the Chinese cultural plaza failed project due to lack of profit motivation and ineffectual committee governing.

Languages: English


  • Newsreel

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