ENG File #66

This ENG File contains 41 clips of news footage on a variety of topics from January 21, 1980 to January 25, 1980. Includes news stories on: Governor Ariyoshi's state of the state address for Hawaiʻi's success in the 1980s, which lays out plans for energy, agriculture, education, and Governor Ariyoshi's tax rebate plan; the Chevron gasoline employee strike and issues caused by Governor Ariyoshi's order to restrict gasoline sales to a minimum of eight dollars, including interviews from gas station owners and drivers; the Hale Nani health center and nursing home, with interviews with the patients and staff about how they are cared for and the need for companionship; United Airlines flight to Honolulu false bomb scare, diverted to Colorado; the Foster Families program developed by Queen's Medical Center, an innovative alternative and attempt to solve for elderly living in over-occupied nursing facilities; Boy Scouts song and dance performance; Sand Island residents hold pre-dawn bonfire vigil after hearing rumors of state's imminent incursion, state troops and officers monitor and assist in evicting residents, bulldozing begins and residents are arrested for peacefully resisting, including Abraham "Puhipau" Ahmad, interviews with frustrated residents as they lose their homes; interview with Governor Ariyoshi about his state of the state address, Diamond Head Villa development making repairs and renovations without a permit; Kinaʻu Boyd Kamaliʻi proposes to make the crime commission an elected body; Sand Island residents look for personal belongings among fires and rubble in the aftermath of the state's eviction, interviews with residents that made makeshift shelters and plan to continue to fight the state; and state law enforcement officers, under direction of the deputy attorney general, make more attempts to remove "squatters," bulldozing cars and other shelters.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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