ENG File #68

This ENG File contains 37 clips of news footage on a variety of topics from January 30, 1980 to February 2, 1980. Includes news stories on: Queen and Prince of Rarotonga [Cook Islands] visit Hawaiʻi and handmade replica of Queen Makea Nui canoe voyage, and interview with entertainer High Chief Matagialalua, creator of Tavana's Polynesian Spectacular; Interviews with The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) members about settlement; Crime commission budget up for review by the senate judiciary committee, both commission chairman and executive director speak to justify the commission's existence, Dennis O'Connor weighs in on the commission's actions and his concerns; Andy Anderson and Governor George Ariyoshi speak on the Sand Island evictions; 51-year old St. Augustine parochial school closed and sold for development, interview with Daniel Dever, superintendent of Catholic schools on Hawaiʻi, on enrollment declines; Andy Ganigan, boxer, prepares for upcoming fight with Roberto Vasquez, interview with Ganigan's trainer, Albert Silva; Hawaiʻi Government Employees Association (HGEA) contract signing, Governor Ariyoshi weighs in on matter of unanimous agreement; State Department of Transportation information hearing on consideration of building airport on Poamoho, Senator Norman Mizuguchi and Representatives Yoshiro Nakumura and Representative Oliver Lunasco weigh in opposition to the site; Aerial shots of Kalaupapa; Tour of St. Philomena, Father Damien's church and gravestone in Kalaupapa; Judge ruling on Ivan Nishiki newspaper ad with false statement about Billie Beamer, Beamer and Nishiki ran against each other in the 1978 democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor; and proposed bill which would prohibit condominium conversion amidst housing problem in Honolulu, Governor's Special Housing assistant, David Slipher weighs in.

Languages: English


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