Cliff Watson

Last Pāhala Bon Dance, 1999

Pāhala Hongwanji holds its last bon dance in 1999. Includes the service, ceremony, dancing, and interviews with members that grew up at the Hongwanji who return for the celebration. Also includes shots of Pāhala town and plantation homes. Goichi Furusho, Irene Takahara, Shigemi Kimura, Hisako Nishimura, Terue Sumida, Mrs. Mitsunaga, Iwao Yonemitsu, Rodney Sato, Mr. Andrade, Earl Nishiguchi, Mrs, Hirae, Clement Hirae, Dan Sato, Evangelista, and Thelma Yoshida appear in the video. Newspaper clipping included with tape.

Languages: English, Japanese


  • Documentary

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