Juniroa Productions

Enduring Pride : Volume 5

This fifth volume of Enduring Pride includes the following segments:1st program. Wailua, Maui is a community of less than 100 persons, yet it is a major area for growing wetland taro. Shows the process of planting taro, the crushing of cooked taro and of pounding it to make poi. 2nd program. Shows the Pau Hana Inn, Kaunakakai, Molokai where local people come as they are to enjoy themselves. History of the Inn and its current status in the life of the community. 3rd program. Residents of Molokaʻi worry about the lack of a viable economic base on the island. Pineapple is being phased out, and unemployment is a problem. The people are ready for economic development in tourism and diversified agriculture, but they want to have a say in how tourism should develop. 4th program. Kumu hula Namahana Kalama-Panui describes how she works with children in Na Mamoaliʻi o Kaʻuiki halau at Hana, Maui.

Languages: English, Hawaiian

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