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Classic UH Magazine: The Year in Review 1995 - 1996

This program takes a look back at segments from the 1995-1996 season. Includes recaps from protests and rallies against budget cuts. First with the protest sit-in at Hamilton Library University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Students protest at the library because of short library hours, staffing, and ordering books because of the budget cuts. Includes interviews with organizers Josh Cooper, Moses Kaapana, Michael Syusik, and Greg Harada. Next they cover the Not So Great Bake sale organized by professors and students; includes interviews with Professors George Kent, John Rieder, Ibrahim Aoude, Kathy Fergeson, and Ruth Dawson. Next students and faculty hold the Death On Education march on Halloween; 5,000 people marched from UH Mānoa to the state Capitol. Governor Cayetano tries to speak with uproaring from the protestors. Lastly the show covers Governor Cayetano's visit to the Mānoa campus to talk about the cuts. -- Public Service Announcement for Aloha United Way -- Promotional Ad for UH Magazine -- Recap of the 75th Anniversary of the College of Arts and Sciences -- All Nighter 16 and the Condom Fair at Campus Center -- UH Mānoa Men's Volleyball. Hosted by Jolene Kim.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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