Daniel K. Inouye Congressional

Hawaii - Paradise Plus

Educational film about sugar production produced by the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association's PR department in 1948. "Manager Burns, a few Department Heads and their wives had a preview of the Hawaiian Suhar [sic] Planters' Association's 16mm Colored sound movies, on and of the sugar industry in Hawaii, entitled-"Hawaii Paradise Plus." The Movies was [sic] in the CLUB K A A on Thursday evening, January 22. This picture will be available to all employes [sic] in the very near future. Their families will also be given the opportunity to see it."-from newspaper article "Hawaii Paradise Plus." Kahukuan p.5 January 22, 1948. http://archive.org/stream/kahukuan1948kahu/#page/n11/mode/2up/search/plus

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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