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First Friday : The Unauthorized News : Re-air of December 1987 show - Homelessness in Hawaiʻi (December 1988)

First Friday re-airs their December show from the previous year. Haunani Kay-Trask gives news of Tahiti. Panel discusses Hawaiʻi's overdevelopment of lands and loss of water resources. Board of Water Supply raised rates for farmers by 64% even though they use only 2% of the water, hotels are flushing sewage into the ocean, housing costs and rentals are rising and families with low and median income cannot purchase a home. Tapes from eviction struggles at Kalama Valley(1970), Sand Island(1980), Hale Mohalu (1978), where victims of Hansen's disease lived, 3 of whom died during the eviction, and Waimanalo Beach (1985) are shown. There is a partial list of evictions between 1970-1987. Guest Rev. Claude Duteil, the director of the Institute for Human Services tells what they do and what their goals are.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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