University of Hawaiʻi Student Video and Filmmakers' Association

UH Magazine December 1996 - January 1997

Happy Holidays from UH Magazine -- UH News -- "UHPA Contract" UHPA strike features Randy Iwase "Hawaiian Tuition Waivers" Tuition waivers for Native Hawaiians are cut. Kālai Pō Native Hawaiian Student Union held a symposium on the cuts and ceded lands; UH Mānoa sits on ceded lands. Features Healani Sonoda and Peter Kalawaia Moore -- "Paradise Palms" The newly constructed $7 million dollar Marriott Paradise Palms Cafe opens to replace the Hamilton Library snack bar. Paradise Palms was controversial among students the UH Magazine News interviews customers. -- Public Service Announcements for KTUH and Don't Drink and Drive -- Midnight ʻOhana with Steven "B Ball" Domingo UH Basketball season opens -- Roving Camera with Santa's Helpers Lisa and Jenny Have you Seen or Heard of UH Magazine at UH Campus Center -- UH Volleyball with Beau Cuizon. Hosted by Matt Burger and Darcie Scharfenstein produced by Ryan Kawamoto and directed by Jenny Yamashita.

Languages: English, Pidgin


  • Documentary

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