ENG File #65

This ENG File contains 41 clips of news footage on a variety of topics from January 16, 1980 to January 20, 1980. Includes news stories on: State Legislature session and discussion about Hawaiʻi state issues, including various music and dance performances and standup comedian before meeting, opening day address by House minority leader Kinaʻu Boyd Kamaliʻi, swearing in two new members Representative Gil Silva and Representative Mark Andrews; UPW strikers asking for unemployment benefits; Report on the shooting and killing of Carl Green and John Carson at the Sport Page bar in Waikiki, suspects in police custody and interview with bartender Al Silva at Sport Page; New Wilson Bridge construction delayed due to rising water levels in reservoir; Kono news conference about Governor Ariyoshi's decision to raise gas minimum to fill tank to $8; Miracle Theater prisoners performance of "Big Boys Don't Cry," and interviews with cast; Helicopter crash and interview with nearby resident; Sand Island activists spread awareness about eviction with tourists, includes interviews with tourists; Okinawan cultural performance, featuring traditional dances and ceremonies and speech from Governor Ariyoshi; the Pacific Fleet Submarine Memorial Association interview about their efforts and work to renovate and prepare the ship USS Bowfin for public viewing; and Chinese artist demonstrates painting with his fingernails.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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